Olympia Industries Ltd are the Exclusive Distributiors of Tot - OXO in India:

Throughout our history, the idea of designing baby and toddler products was brought up time and again. And time and again we focused on solving pet peeves for the place we knew best: the kitchen. But when 25 babies were born to our then-50 employees over the course of five years, we discovered firsthand the challenges and pet peeves parents face – and knew we could help solve them.

Our mission is to make every day with your tot a little easier, in every room of the house (and beyond!), so you can focus on the fun side of being a parent.

The complete line of feeding, cleaning, bathing and nursery products was developed following the principle of Universal Design, which means making things that are easy to use for as many people as possible – including kids. We examined every aspect of these products, from how children hold their utensils, to where their noses hit the top of a Sippy Cup, to how they sit on chairs. We looked to make improvements that are the most meaningful to parents and children. As parents ourselves, the well-being of the children who use our products was of utmost concern. All products are made from safe materials and adhere to global safety standards.

Each product, from our Sprout™ Chair to our Transitions™ Sippy Cup, is tested in real homes with real parents and children (including our own!) to ensure that we provide only the best designed products possible – those that fit the needs and stand up to the use and abuse of all who will use them. We proudly use these products daily and it is our sincere hope that these products exceed your expectations.